Millions of people are involved in  Real Estate in Canada including those who own, rent, invest, sell, advertise, photograph, design, construct, maintain, inspect and provide legal and other services. Real Estate is actually Canada's largest single source of GDP. But there are  problems -big ones!. There are also huge opportunities to make large profits! And we have the information that you need!

Real Estate is so complex, so UNREAL and so different in each location that understanding it all is almost impossible. Not even our three levels of Government which manage 89% of all Canadian real estate really know what is going on! Our experts in each area may understand their area and they can be an excellent source of information on that area -but looking at the big picture is something that has not been done before by any Author in Canada. Until now.

Let me give you one example. If you are living in a foreign country and have funds that would allow you to invest in Canadian real estate there are actually ways of earning TAX FREE profits in the 30% per year range. Why? Because the Canadian government is not tracking foreign ownership and they have no idea of how many Canadian properties are owned by foreign investors. Only recently have they started to attempt to determine the numbers. 

If you are living in Canada there are ways to make excellent profits and other ways of taking large financial losses. We provide you with the detail that you must have to make the best decisions. Yes there is risk but the risk is much lower if you understand what is really going on. 

Our book is called UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA. After you read and study it you will know what is really going on! And that will save you an an awful lot of money. We are talking about saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars for an investment of well under one hundred dollars.

Real estate is your biggest investment and you do not want it to be your biggest mistake! And one big mistake is to listen to and follow all the suggestions from one expert in just one area of real estate. The problem is that there are many areas in many locations. All the experts and most are honest, hard working people are trying to make money from you and without a purchase or sale they won't so their prime objective is to participate in the actual transaction. There is absolutely nothing wrong with charging a fair price for services rendered IF the purchase or sale is to your advantage. But sometimes it is not.  

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In 430 pages you will be informed, surprised, likely a bit shocked, entertained, and finally aware of the opportunities and dangers in Canadian Real Estate. You will then be in a much better position to make the best decisions regarding buying, holding, selling and renting real estate. Please read on to learn more about the content and if you know people who are also interested in Real Estate please share this page with them.

This book was published in May 2017 by Battiston Publishing a registered Canadian Publisher since 1996.  No other book has ever provided this information in the detailed and very readable way that you will discover here! 

At Battiston Publishing we do not sell real estate nor do we sell financing for it or any other related services -all we wish to do is explain to you the truth about how it really works and offer suggestions on how you can make the best deal. 

At Battiston Publishing we publish books that inform and entertain.  Our objective is to provide you with information that will help you deal successfully with life's challenges because life is a lot more fun when you avoid problems! Our books are all available online and each is individually printed to a high quality standard and shipped to you within three to five days of your order. 

Purchase your copy of UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA here Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. If you know anyone interested in real estate please refer this page to them as it will solve a lot of their problems and after they read our book they will thank you!

Ron Battiston, Publisher

Ron is the owner of Battiston Publishing which was founded in Canada in 1996 and he is a graduate of the University of Guelph. He has worked in management positions in the private and public sectors and has owned his own businesses including several online businesses. Ron has also served in the Royal Canadian Navy as an Officer onboard our warships. He has lived in several Provinces, has once worked as a Professional Real Estate Photographer and has owned houses and lived on what we now call "alternative housing" which consisted of a trailer, motorhome and a large sailboat on the Pacific Ocean on Vancouver Island. Ron would like to share what he has learned and books from Battiston Publishing do that! 




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