The Only book ever published which tells you what is really going on in Canadian Real Estate and it is not all bad. But some is! So if you read this book and apply some of the ideas you will save thousands of dollars and have some fun too!

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In May 2017 we published UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA  We did this because in 2017 Real Estate in Canada was unreal. Why?  As we point out in the book Canada is the second largest country in the world in land and water area and one of the smallest in population so we have more land per Canadian than most citizens have in other countries.  So one might think that land would be affordable for all Canadians?  Wrong.

Some real estate in Canada is affordable and in fact some of it is a fraction of the price of the same property in Vancouver, Toronto or Montreal.  You can purchase a similar house and lot in many areas of Canada at less than 10% of the cost of the same type of property in our three largest cities.

In Canada we have three levels of government; Municipal, Provincial and Federal. And each level has their hands out to collect money from real estate. Surprisingly, Real Estate is the largest source of GDP in Canada. In our book we actually explain how real estate works in Canada. This will be of great interest to anyone who wishes to invest, sell or hold their property -either folks living in Canada or those in other countries wishing to invest in Canada.

We explain the different markets and how best to deal with them. We explain how deals are made and how questionable techniques are often used. Your Author does have a well established sense of humor and so the information is presented in a very readable and enjoyable way. There are specific techniques that you can use to save money, make excellent investments and even investigate alternative  housing where  costs are often much more reasonable.

When billions of dollars circulate and build in a given business area there is often great reluctance on the part of the players to tell you what is really going on. And this is dangerous. We have seen certain real estate markets in Canada increase in value over 30% in just one year. In our book we warn you what will happen. And in 2017 we are very close to huge changes in this market. Changes that will reduce the value of real estate property by billions of dollars. Changes that will effect our banking system and the amount of personal debt in Canada. 

This book is an investment. We suggest that it will pay for itself many many times over when you better understand and then start to apply some of the ideas that we present. And when you encounter a surprising fact put the book down and think about it for a while. Check out the information on your computer. Ask for additional information from experts in the field.

Let me give you an example.  In the USA often a property owner actually owns their property. But in Canada our Queen owns ALL of Canada and an individual can only have a freehold management of the Queen's property!  In Canada over 89% of the available land is managed by our Provincial and Federal governments! In fact in most of our Provinces the provincial government manages nearly all of the land and the Federal government only manages national parks and military bases.  And did you know that billions of dollars of criminal money from outside Canada is being money laundered here? It is called "snow washing". When we say UnReal REAL-ESTATE CANADA we mean it. There has never been another book on this topic that actually tells you what is really going on here.

We are a Canadian Publisher Registered in 1996 and we do not sell our books in bookstores, Bookstores have huge expenses and normally selling there means that the prices must be higher. Our books are are all shipped from our North American printer on an individual basis. Our book is 430 pages and that allows us to share a lot of very useful information with you. Often paper back books are in the 200 page size so you are really obtaining the equivalent of two books! . You can purchase a copy or UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA here:

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A very few of the hundreds of sources we reviewed for our 430 page book- UnReal-Estate Canada -lots of interesting information! Some of it is ...scary.

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Ron is a Graduate of the University of Guelph and also studied PreMed at the University of Windsor, he served as a Bridge Officer on Canadian Navy Minesweepers, Destroyers and a Supply ship, he worked as a Branch Accountant in  a  Canadian Bank, As a Manager in  the Ministry of  Finance and as a Business owner in several businesses and an Author and Publisher. He has a reputation for telling the truth, not being politically correct and having a good sense of humor. His Mother taught him that "there is no such word as Can't" and this latest book reflects that concept. 

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