Millions of people are involved in  Real Estate in Canada including those who own, rent, invest and participate in our largest single source of GDP. But the problem is that the topic is so complex, so UNREAL and so different in each location that not many really understand what is going on. Not even our three levels of Government really know what is going on! So we published our book to explain Canadian real estate called UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA

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In 430 pages you will be informed, surprised, likely a bit shocked, entertained, and finally aware of the opportunities and dangers. You will then be in a much better position to make the best decisions regarding buying, holding, selling and renting real estate. Please read on to learn more about the content and if you know people who are also interested in Real Estate please share this page with them.

This book was published in May 2017 by Battiston Publishing a registered Canadian Publisher since 1996 and we have two objectives -to enlighten and entertain.  It is entirely possible after you have read our book to make an excellent decision in Canadian real estate and to either make an excellent return or avoid a financial loss. No other book has ever provided this information in the detailed and very readable way that you will discover here!

A warning. It will take a few minutes to review this website. We could have just shown you a picture of our book with a buy now button but we decided to share some very interesting information first.  There is a lot more information that you will be happy to know in the book! 


Some people have done very well and have been making a lot of money from their investments. Others have lost a lot of money and are unable to purchase property or even rent it. Still others are spending an unreasonable amount of their income on mortgage interest and the rates will soon go up. And not all areas of Canada are the same. One market could be going up (seller's market), another area could be stagnant or it could be going down (buyer's market) in price. Some real estate is affordable by an average family and in other areas it is not. Every group involved in real estate has one main objective -to generate income and make a profit in addition to having a nice place to live and so each group will give you advice based on their objectives. We provide a different approach and we share with you information based on facts and reality. No Fake news!


Canada has advantages and a few small disadvantages regarding climate...

The Canadian real estate market is absolutely huge and in fact is the largest single source of GDP in Canada.  Our objective is to show how real estate really works in Canada and how you can make the best decisions if you decide to buy, sell, hold or rent. 

When economies change people tend to adapt and today in Canada we actually have some Canadians living in their vehicles or in tents in some of our highest priced cities a fact that the media and government are very reluctant to report.  Canada has an excellent world reputation for investment in real estate and billions of dollars in foreign funds are flowing into our market each year. Some of the activity is unreal one of the examples is Toronto where prices have gone up over 30% in just one year! 

One of the problems with our market is that it is so different in various communities and so a rule or approach that may work well in one location will not work very well in another. Our book explains the solutions. 

At Battiston Publishing we publish books that inform and entertain. We enjoy publishing them and we think that you will enjoy reading them! Our objective is to provide you with information that will help you deal successfully with life's challenges. Life is a lot more fun when you avoid problems! 

Purchase your copy of UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA here Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.


In Canada we have three levels of government; Municipal, Provincial and Federal. And each level have their hands out to collect money from real estate in order to help meet their many expenses. Remember - Real Estate is the largest single source of GDP in Canada. So they are unable to make that revenue from Manufacturing or Natural Resources. 

Canada is one of the best countries in the world to invest in real estate. Why? The Canadian government allows you to make huge profits on the sale of real estate used for your prime residence and you don't need to pay ANY income taxes on the profit!  But if you place your savings in a bank or stocks or a business you must pay taxes on all the profits you make. Unreal?  It really is unreal. If you lose money on the stock market you can reduce your taxes based on the loss but if you lose money in real estate investment for your prime residence that does not effect your taxes. Is there something wrong here?? Yes there is. 

Rich foreign investors are intelligent. For 150 years Canada has been welcoming people from all over the world to move to and become fellow Canadians. Canada unlike other countries also allows you to keep your foreign citizenship and still hold Canadian citizenship. Canada is politically correct -so to speak.  Foreign investors know they can't claim to be using the homes as prime residences if they live outside of Canada so they simply put the homes into their kid's names and send their kids to a Canadian university and guess what? In a rising market they can sell the home when their kids graduate and make a huge tax free profit.  Smart! 

If you check out the percentage of foreign students in real estate markets with huge increases in prices you will be shocked. As an example the University of Toronto has 30% of it's students from foreign countries.  And it gets better! Their kids will have student visa's and are in much better positions to apply for Canadian citizenship which in turn means that they can apply to have their parents become citizens too. There are many advantages in the world today to have joint citizenship in more than one country especially a safe country like Canada where there is free education, medical care and many other benefits. Canadians are very friendly people. And often new Canadians tend to group together in areas where residents of similar backgrounds live.  

As the purchase price goes up so does the size and appearance and your mortgage payments and taxes and monthly costs and yet if you can afford it why not? In reality, in certain Canadian markets where prices are rising your home can also be generating tax free profits. By that I mean if you keep your money in the bank and or if you earn your money from your job or business or other investments then you must pay income taxes but if you place your money in a house or condo and live there then sell it a few years later at a good profit you don't pay any taxes on that income. 

This is happening in Canada today and wise investors in certain markets are investing in real estate rather than purchasing stocks or placing their money in deposit accounts or even investing in businesses that employ people and provide services or products. Think about it.


So, if you owned this 20 million dollar+ home and real estate went down by say 10% you would lose over 2 million dollars if you had to sell -but if it went up you could make over 2 million dollars if you sold it and if it was your prime residence you would not need to pay a penny in income taxes on the profit! Welcome to Canada! 

We explain the different markets and how best to deal with them. We explain how deals are made and how questionable techniques are often used. Your Author does have a well established sense of humor and so the information is presented in a very readable and enjoyable way. There are specific techniques that you can use to save money, make excellent investments and even investigate alternative  housing where  costs are often much more reasonable.

And when I say alternative housing I mean it! Everything from living in your vehicle to micro homes, trailers, cabins, motorhomes, boats, bunkies, container homes, tents the list goes on with many levels of comfort. And in 2017 thousands of Canadians are doing this today. 

Not every home needs to be in an expensive subdivision in Canada where huge costs require a 30 year mortgage to pay down. There are alternatives!

When billions of dollars circulate and build in a given business area there is often great reluctance on the part of the players to tell you what is really going on. And this is dangerous. We have seen certain real estate markets in Canada increase in value over 30% in just one year. In other areas values have stagnated and are not keeping up with inflation and there are also areas where values are going down in a buyer's market. There supply exceeds demand and prices are falling. In our book we warn you what will happen. And in 2017 we are very close to huge changes in this market. Changes that will reduce the value of real estate property by billions of dollars. Changes that will effect our banking system and again increase the amount of personal debt in Canada.

You may have noticed that Canadian Banks are doing very well but that Canadian personal debt is at an all time high and average savings are shrinking. Banks are doing well because as the value of real estate climbs so does their revenue from mortgages. And should the economy improve banks will make bigger fortunes as the prime lending rate increases. As real estate climbs in value the revenue from real estate sales commissions also rises. Legal and advertising fees increase. Property owners increase the rents for their properties. Our three levels of government collect more for taxes and fees for services. But as we point out in our book we are approaching a big change in real estate prices and as that happens there will be huge changes in the Canadian economy. In fact since publishing the book our banks are reacting to the pending changes in Canadian Real Estate that we warned our readers of  and they have started to lay off hundreds of staff.  

This book is an investment. We suggest that it will pay for itself many many times over when you better understand and then start to apply some of the facts that we present. And when you encounter a surprising fact put the book down and think about it for a while. Check out the information on your computer. Ask for additional information from experts in the field. And some experts may be reluctant to talk to you about certain facts. And you will see a trend that the information that we provide to you in this book is true. It may surprise you to know what is really happening but you will be in a much better position. On this page we have given you a hint of what information is included included in our 430 page book. After you read it you will have a completely different understanding of what real estate in Canada is all about and what are the best decisions that you can make. Rich or poor or in the middle there are actions you can take to have a much happier life.  

Yes it is possible to save and make a lot of money in Canadian real estate and investing in our book will help make that happen! Unfortunately, is it also possible to lose a lot of money in Canadian Real Estate and not reading our book can result in that happening. Making a lot of money is not a bad thing and reading our book is fun! 


Let me give you another example.  In the USA usually a property owner actually owns their property. But in Canada our Queen owns ALL of Canada and an individual can only have a freehold management right of the Queen's property!  In Canada over 89% of the available land is managed by our Provincial and Federal governments! In fact in most of our Provinces the provincial government manages nearly all of the land and the Federal government only manages national parks and military bases.  And did you know that billions of dollars of criminal money from outside Canada is being money laundered here? It is called "snow washing". When we say UnReal REAL-ESTATE CANADA we mean it! There has never been another book on this topic that actually tells you what is really going on here. Our goal is to publish books that tell the truth and help you deal with and benefit from the challenges in life! 


You can purchase your copy of UnREAL-ESTATE CANADA here from our printer and it will be in the mail to you between one and three days. It is a great book to read and share with your friends and family:

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Sometimes your neighbors are ....strange. Another interesting fact we warn you about in our book! And there are inexpensive ways to check that out rather than finding out after you move into your new home. We show you how to do it!  

Here are a very few of the hundreds of sources we reviewed for our 430 page book- UnReal-Estate Canada -lots of interesting information! Some of it is ...scary. It is impossible to be an "expert" in all aspects of Canadian real estate and that is why we wrote this book to tell you what you need to know. It is very dangerous to depend on just one source in the real estate business to help you make your decisions. Each area has their own objectives and understandably all of them wish to make a profit from you! When you understand what is really going on you are in a much better position to make the best decisions. Our book gives you that balance in understanding that will greatly help you in real estate deals.  

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Thank you for visiting our website. If you have any questions or comments please contact me. If you know anyone interested in real estate please refer this page to them as it will solve a lot of their problems and after they read our book they will thank you!

Ron Battiston, Publisher

Ron is a Graduate of the University of Guelph and also studied PreMed at the University of Windsor, he served as a Bridge Watchkeeping Officer on Canadian Navy Minesweepers, Destroyers and a Supply ship, he worked as a Branch Accountant in  a  Canadian Bank,As a Financial Analyst at Canadian Pacific, As a Manager in  the Ministry of  Finance and as a Business owner in several businesses and an Author and Publisher. He has a reputation for telling the truth, not always being politically correct and having a good sense of humor.  





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