What if you learned that Canadian real estate is a giant rip off for millions of Canadians? What if I told you how to make money in real estate -not lose it? What if I told you what is really happening and what your real estate agent will not tell you?  Good questions eh?  So that is exactly what our book does!

Canada sits on trillions of dollars of non renewable natural resources in the form of minerals and petroleum and one might think that this is the largest single source of our GDP. Surprisingly it is not. Even more surprising is that real estate is our largest single source of GDP.  Ever wonder why our taxes are so high? That's why!

One might think with all the space in Canada that it would be quite easy for a Canadian to own their own property and homes. We have a small population and the second largest land and water mass in the world. There should be lots of affordable land for all of us!  But again this is not the case. We actually have 90% of the Canadian population living in a narrow 100 mile band clinging to the Northern US Border. And in that band there are only a few large cities.

Costs of Canadian real estate in our larger cities are so high that we now have thousands of Canadians living in alternative housing including vans, trailers, motor homes, boats and their parents basements. 

There are millions of Canadians working in real estate in construction, maintenance, investments, sales, photography, design, law, etc the list goes on and on. Real estate is the largest expenditure for most Canadians and in 2017 the average amount of the mortgages is $200,000 and interest rates are increasing. And many mortgages are much higher than that!  

Each group that deals in real estate earns their income there and so each group tries to earn as much as possible. And here is where the problems start. If you have real estate or if you wish to purchase real estate who can you trust? Who will give you accurate information? If the person you are dealing with does not obtain a sale from you then they make zero money. So they try their hardest to convince you to buy or sell or use their services. 

We explain in detail how this works. And a warning. Some of the folks working in real estate do NOT want you to know what we are disclosing to you. They would prefer to be your sole source of information so that they can make their income from you. We all have jobs designed to earn an income and there is nothing wrong with providing an honest service and obtaining an income from it. But that does not always happen in real estate. 

Let me give you just one example. I previously worked as a professional real estate photographer in Calgary a few years ago when film cameras were used. I carried two cameras and 5 lenses and each picture taken used the best lens. Excellent pictures were produced. But today, some agents simply use their cell phones and I can tell you that the pictures are often horrible! There are some exceptions and some agents have additional skills and can even produce excellent images and even movies but too often the pictures are not very good and in a competitive market you really do need excellent pictures. Some agents will hate me for telling you this. But when you look at your listing and you see poor pictures or images that are too small or the lighting is not very good you better talk to your agent. In fact it would be wise if you looked at their photographic work before you signed a contract with them!  Bad images could cost you thousands of dollars. Excellent pictures could add thousands of dollars to your selling price. 

When researching our book we also noted a very interesting activity going on today with cash investments from China. China is a very successful country and they have a very large population and less than one percent of their population are very rich. But in China the government owns all the land. So what the very rich Chinese are doing is taking cash out of China and purchasing Canadian real estate and Canada unlike many countries has absolutely no controls on foreign ownership and in fact our three levels of government don't even have a clue how many properties are owned by Chinese investors nor do they know the total dollar value. Most of the real estate is high end and is being purchased in British Columbia . And it is not just Canada. California is also experiencing the same types of purchases and again very high end real estate is being purchased for cash by very rich folks from China. In our book we do raise this issue. We could have written an entire book about it but at least we raised the issue with the objective of drawing attention to it so that more research will be done by our governments and the appropriate new laws implemented many of which are now being implemented in other countries. 

Battiston Publishing is a small, private, Canadian owned Publisher registered in 1996 and we are located in Ontario and British Columbia. We do not sell our books in bookstores simply because of the large costs associated with printing thousands of books and shipping them to individual book stores.  Unfortunately, today the majority of Publishers who sell books and exert control on our bookstores are foreign owned and their books are printed in China often on inexpensive paper in small fonts using environmentally insensitive methods. 

Read our book and study it and you will know what is really going on! The real potential is there to save a large amount of money! We are talking about saving you hundreds of thousands of dollars for an investment of well under fifty dollars.  Real estate is usually your biggest investment and you do not want it to be your biggest mistake! Every dollar earned to purchase real estate requires that you pay income taxes and then interest on any mortgage and so your actual costs are usually twice or more the listed cost for the property. And today in Canada we have billions of dollars of foreign cash flowing in to purchase Canadian real estate and the buyers do not need to pay ANY Canadian taxes on that money. So their actual total costs are often half of what you would pay! In our book we also tell you about "Snow Washing" where criminals and other rich investors are pouring in billions of dollars of money from crime to money launder it into Canadian real estate.  Have you ever wondered why our media and why our governments are not reporting these activities? 

Let me give you an example of a falling market. Prices are going down and offers for properties are much less than the asking price. While it might be a good idea to sell quickly at the start of a falling market it likely would NOT be a good idea to purchase a property then because the price you paid will quickly be more than the falling value of the home!  But here is the problem. The Agents selling the home ONLY make money when there is a transaction and sale. So they will advise the prospective buyer to purchase the home because they desperately need the income from the transaction. There is a way around this problem and we describe it in detail in our book. In fact if you follow our suggestions it is possible to actually make an excellent investment and profit in a falling market! 

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In 430 pages you will be informed, surprised, likely a bit shocked, entertained, and finally much more aware of the opportunities and dangers in Canadian Real Estate. You will then be in a much better position to make the best decisions regarding buying, holding, selling and renting real estate.

If you know people who are also interested in Real Estate please share this page with them. Or purchase a copy of this book as a gift for them. I am sure they will appreciate it and save a lot of money too! This book is designed for buyers, sellers, builders, investors, foreign investors, people interested in alternative housing and for people working in real estate. When you have a much better understanding of what is really going on you are in a much better position to make the best decisions and reduce your expenses or increase your net incomes. 

At Battiston Publishing we do not sell real estate nor do we sell financing for it or any other related services -all we wish to do is explain to you the truth about how it really works and offer suggestions on how you can make the best deal. We are trying our best to help! 


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